Human Resource Consulting

Everybody is a genius,but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid – Albert Einstein

Procedures and policies provide business with a strong foundation to both attract and retain valuable employees. If you require the services of an HR consultant, Samford Temps can assist you as and when required. Many small business owners can’t afford to hire a permanent HR Manager, and Line Managers are often expected to deliver HR services. This can be challenging and potentially damaging if they are not skilled in diplomacy, nor understand the HR legislation they need to abide by. Working with your Management Team I can provide much needed support, advice and mentoring, as well as HR system implementation

  • Recruitment: Job descriptions, Ad placements, Candidate screening,Interviewing,Employment contracts
  • Remuneration and Benefits: Remuneration planning, Benefit and incentives planning, Market research
  • Induction Programs: Training needs analysis and Induction planning
  • Performance Management Systems: Creation and alignment with strategic plan, Critical success factors, SMART approach, KPI analysis and feedback
  • Performance Reviews: Templates, Process creation and management, Employee engagement process
  • HR forms: Creation and management of forms
  • Creation of HR Policy: Establishment, Implementation and management of HR policy, Review and align with strategic plan
  • Assistance with HR legislation: National Employment Standard, Awards, Fair Work Act, State and Commonwealth Legislation
  • Strategic HR Consulting: Stakeholder engagement, Change Management, HR policy, Workforce Planning